Joining the Winthrop Art Association

The WAA is a non-profit organization that does not discriminate.  Membership is open to all persons  aged 18 or older.  One years membership is $20.
There are two  categories of membership:

Artists are requested to submit three pieces of work to the Board of Directors. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month.  Contact Brenda Curry, Membership Chairwoman, to make arrangements to show your work (617)846-5375.          

Artists have full privileges, including the right to attend meetings, vote, hold office, and exhibit at any of the WAA show.

Patrons have full privileges, including the right to attend meetings, vote, and hold office.  

Patrons may become artist members by following the above process.

The Public at large is also welcome at all demonstration meetings.   Meetings are held at the new cultural center at the E.B. Newton School Cultural Center, 45 Pauline St. Winthrop, MA the 1st Tuesday of every  other month from October thru April at 7:30 pm. In June we have an end of year Dinner.

The Winthrop Art Association, Inc., P.O. Box 520010, Winthrop, MA 02152

For a mail in Form CLICK HERE

Winthrop Art Association Members List


Elaine Abrams
Lillian Anderson
Millicent Aronson
Michael Bacon
*Beverly Barisano
Dena Barisano
Terry Bigglestone
Andrea Blackshire
Pat Bonita
Joan Brannen
Marci Brown
Mary Borgosano
Fredrick Campbell
Sarah Campbell
Paul Caponigro
Dorothy Cody
Peggy Connolly
Chuck Connors
Catherine Costantino
Frank Costantino
Rebecca Crespo
Brenda Curry
Tom Curry
Toni Cutrone
Dan Dalo
Dottie Doucette
Sarah Dutra
Gail Dwyer
Philip Ellin
Glenn Engman
Paula Engman
*Robert Farris
Crist Filer
Merrill Frank
Carol Ann Gambale
Kristin Gilzean
Ellen J Goldstick
Chuck Guest
Claire Haddad
Zach Hayes
James Healy
Susan Hebenstreit
Robin Hickey
Richard Honan
Nan Howes
Dorothea James
Eva Kearney
Anne Kelty
Pauline Kennedy
David LaChapelle
Lois Landy
Kimberly Leple
Deborah Levenson
Lundberg, Harriet
Lyons, Mary
MacNeil, Ellen
Breanna Mahoney
Dawn Mahoney
Denise Mahoney
*Mahoney, Dorothy
Anthony Mangini
Robert Mannetta,
Debra Martelli
Matthew Martelli
Max Martelli
Florence Mathias
Jennifer McCarthy
Tom McHugh
Carol Merola
Steven Merola
Anna Montone
Constance Moore
Besty Moynihan
John Munson
Sean Murry
Caroline Nickerson
Terry O'Connor
John O'Driscoll
Jason Osburn
Renee Palermo
Marissa Perrotta
Marie Piacenza
Renee Pike
Marjorie Reardon
Sybil Sermos
Samantha Scolamiero
Sybil Sermos
Marcia Shulman
Glena Raya-Silva
Claire Spagnolo
Caroline Stella
Kaari Sullivan
*Patricia Tacelli
Valerie Thomas
Mary Vitale
Roverta Will
Sylvia Whiting
Judith Wilburn
Kevin Welch
Roberta Will
Robert Zisa


Judith Anderson
*Diane Bardwell
Barbara Bishop
Clayton Bohanon
John Booras
Robert DeLeo
Richard Dimes
Mararet Dimes
Patricia Driscoll
Irene Dwyer
Dr. Dominick Garibaldi
Peggie Gilbert
Dr. Anne Kelty
Claire Haddad,
Terry MacDonald
Matthew Mallen
Elinor Moses
*Robert Allen Moran
Pearl Neill
Emilie Orlando/ Bucklet
*Gregg Pendergast
Beverly Phipps
Edith Raymond
Roman, Jacquline
Linda Samuels
Joanne Schiebman
Nathaniel Schreibman
Kim Sibley
Dorothy Tassinari
*Senator Robert E. Travaglini
Terry Vasquez


George Barisano
Mini Costin
Arthur Cummings
Elizabeth Wise Dixon
Michelle Fluet
Renee Fluet
Peter Tarsi
Winthrop Senior Center

Life Members *